Camera 1... Camera 2...

Sometimes I think planning a big unit like this is a lot like Wayne looking at Cassandra in Wayne's World... I'm constantly looking at the same ideas from different perspectives and it gets confusing.

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When I was little, I used to do this a lot.  I was baffled as to how the perspectives changed.  Now, the only thing I notice is the vision in my left eye is getting worse than the vision in my right eye.

I've been planning the next little section of the unit, which was connecting the creative vs. descriptive aspect of linear equations.  Particularly through visual patterns.  I keep finding myself looking at a calendar and asking myself, "Will they KNOW that yet?  Wait... should I review that MORE?  What if THIS happens?  What if THAT happens?"  Here's what I mean.


Can they simplify?

One thing I want to make sure they grasp, is that no matter how they see the visual pattern, we can simplify their expressions and show that they're the same as someone who may see it differently.  Which made me panic a little bit... the last thing I want is to expect that they CAN do it perfectly, only to find out they'll need review (which they will).  So how do I add that review in to the daily schedule?

Below is the basic framework for our daily routines.  Number talks on Monday and Tuesday.  Visual Patterns on Wednesday and Thursday (block days) and Friday.  I have a "Quick Review" topic every week as well.  Where I put up ONE calculation problem and we focus on precision.    I figured during the first week of this unit I would review simplifying expressions, so that by the time we're actually doing it in our visual patterns work, it won't be so scary.  I also have to review integer and fraction operations in there somewhere...

As I looked at the planning from a broader perspective I started remembering all of the Desmos activities I meant throw in there too... like Battle Boats and Marble Slide.  Where the hell am I gonna find the time to do THOSE?  (Battle Boats will have to come BEFORE we actually start drawing and Marble Slide will come at the END of the 3D letters but before I make the connection to visual patterns)  This part of the planning stresses me out a little bit.  So I need to find a better way to handle it.


Here's the notes and drawings I've made with some visual patterns.  I'm asking myself this question as I work.

  1. What's the best way to explain the y-intercept at this point?

I think connecting slope will be fairly easy to show.  I'll show a slope of 2 one day and a slope of 3 the next.  I don't think that will be too hard for them to see.  When it comes to the y-intercept (and I could be overthinking this) is it better to illustrate it like the drawing on the left or the right?  Like most things, I need to be flexible here and ready to illustrate it a number of ways.  More importantly, I need to be ready for what they're gonna throw at me!