Where Do I Begin?

- 1 hour of work -

I figured I would start by writing every topic I thought I would need to cover on a sticky note.  Then I could rearrange them, put them in order, add to them, make subcategories, or whatever it is people do when they plan these things.  It took me an hour.

I'm lying a little bit.  I was just trying to do what cool people do on their blogs.  This is what it really looked like.

Can you sense the never-ending stream of rabbit holes this sent me down?  It's just one thought after another and another.  The details are getting in my way and stressing me out.  I find myself thinking about this unit in terms of MONTHS and a second later in terms of MINUTES.  

To alleviate this stress, I think I'm gong to plan out the first couple days of this project (fairly detailed) to see if anything brilliant comes.