Summertime Blues


At the beginning of summer I decided NOT to do any work in June.  Everyone needs a little time off after school to regroup.  Right?

It's July 25th and I've worked a couple of hours.  Like 2.  All summer long.  

I feel horrible about it, but I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself.  I'm still doing the Desmos project with my 8th graders... but this is going to have to be a "blog as I go" kind of thing because 1) I'm not done, and 2) I can't plan that far out!  I get paralyzed!  However, here's the framework for the unit so far:

1.  Dog World Record for Popping Balloons - The first day of school has to be the best!  I selfishly want them to go home and say things like, "School was pretty good.  I like my classes... but I REALLY LOVE my math class!  I can't wait to go back!"  I only have 25 minutes on the first day, but I think I can do a 3ACT on speed lesson to grab them.

2.  Battle Boats - We'll move on to Battle Boats on Day 2 or 3 to refresh them with the coordinate plane.

3.  Drawing Block Letters in Desmos - Should take a couple of days... main thing for me:  DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE LAPTOP CARTS!!

4.  Converting the Block Letters to 3D Block Letters - Couple of days?

5.  Connecting to Visual Patterns - This will have to wait a little while for me to plan well...